Thursday, January 28, 2016

Service Opportunity!

The following was sent to our ward in an email.
Hello All,

We have the wonderful opportunity of feeding the residents at the Reach home again on Sunday, February 21st. We are looking for individuals and families to volunteer to serve the meal or to provide food items. We have adopted to provide dinners at this shelter monthly! 

If you are looking to volunteer please email or call/text Caitlin Salmon at or 315-569-8144. Space is very limited so please reserve a spot if you are interested. Plan on serving food, visiting with residents, and cleaning up. Also, expect to be done around 6:30

If you are interested in bringing food please click this link and fill out a spot on the google doc. We will be doing chili and cornbread this time. Chili can be brought in crock pots and I will make sure the crock pots are returned to owners if you are not coming to volunteer. 

If you are looking to provide food, please become familiar with the following options on how to make sure it gets to the shelter:

1) Bring it to the shelter by 5:15 (80 Prince Street Rochester, NY)
2) If you are in the 4th ward, bring it to church and I'll (Caitlin Salmon) bring it home with me.
3) If you are in another ward, bring it to the church and leave it and we'll grab it on my way to the shelter (please let me know if you are planning on this so I know what to grab and label the food for Caitlin Salmon/Reach Shelter). 
4) If you live in Whipple Park (or close), please bring it to my home at 4:30.

Thank you again to all who are helping out with this. We will be doing this every month until May if you would like a chance to volunteer.

Caitlin Salmon 

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